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Here’s first thing you need to know about mobile game cheats if you’re a total virgin to it. You don’t have to wince or cringe when someone suggests it to you. Neither should you feel an ounce of guilt if you decide to want it for yourself. It seems everyone is doing it and no one is complaining. In other words, mobile game cheats have become the norm. Some games even have built-in cheats if you know how to access them. About the only honor code that stands now is there is no honor in losing.

Mobile game cheats are as vast and varied as they come. You’re not locked to one solution nor is there a one-size-fits-all type of cheat. There’s a mobile game cheat for any and every particular gaming activity you can lay your hands on. Whether you’re slaying beasts, mowing down aliens, chopping off zombies’ heads, hurdling humps, collecting gems, or racing from one city to the next, you can bolster your abilities with a simple click of a button or by just typing a prescribed code.

Take for instance the very popular Grand Theft Auto. A lot of sites offers a slew of mobile cheat codes for almost every component of the game. You want to fortify your armor? You can type in the prescribed code while playing the game or after you press pause on the menu. If you entered the correct code, an acknowledgment message that reads “Cheat Activated” will appear. But you’re just getting started. Suppose you want to expand your arsenal. You can raise the levels of your weapons with the right cheat codes. Feel the need to improve your driving skills? There’s a game cheat code for that too. Oh and there’s even one for your health.

And because mobile game cheats are all over the place, it would be unforgivably criminal if any of the sites will cheat you of your cash. But do not expect honor among thieves all the time. Some will actually ask you to pay but you can easily ignore that. Or you can easily jump to another site that allows you to cherry-pick any code that your cheating heart desires.

You may try installing the latest version of Cheat Engine, by the way. Cheat Engine generally works for most games but it runs on the same modification principle required for some titles. You choose the game and you choose the value you wish to modify. Almost immediately, you can amplify that value exponentially or several times what you’re regularly allowed.

Game cheats attract not just the inadequately skilled or gaming pushovers. Highly-skilled gamers want these codes just as badly. It seems competitive gaming has reached outrageous levels that even an above-average skill set is tantamount to a badge of shame. It’s not enough for one to be just fast or strong. You want to be the meanest, quickest, and the strongest and leave a long trail of slain competitors in your wake.

After all, the ultimate in gaming glory is to be able to gloat over your adversaries – even if that means getting plenty of outside help in the process.